Go to Your Garden for Baby Shower Party Favors!

A couple of years ago, I hosted a baby shower for my cousin. It was a small party with only close family invited. I needed:

1.  party favors for all the guests and

2.  prizes for the party games

I really wanted to give away something unique that would be memorable and lasting. Since the baby shower was in November, the garden was winding down and I had very little to work with. Thankfully, succulents are available for use in projects year round and they are so easy to root. In fact one of the reasons I grow them is for use in arts and crafts projects. For the party favors, I decided to spell out the baby name in miniature terra cotta pots. Each pot would have a small succulent cutting in it. I spelled out the future baby name by putting a letter on each pot. I do this sort of thing holiday time also, using holiday greetings, and I use paint to decorate the pots. For this particular baby shower I decided to use glitter glue. It’s easy to work with an dries fast. Plus the fact that I love glitter. Since it was a boy, I chose the “blue eye” theme. If you are not familiar with the blue eye, it’s a symbol used in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cultures to ward off the “evil eyes” of ill wishers or jealous people from your newborn child. It’s very fashionable these days in jewelry.

Here is what you will need to for this project:

  1. Mini Terra Cotta Pots
  2. Glitter Glue or Paint
  3. Soil
  4. Succulent Cuttings of your choice. I predominantly used Jade and Hen and Chick because that is what I grow.

Simply decorate your pots by painting them. If you don’t have time to paint them or you want to keep it really simple, just write a letter on each pot, spelling out the name of the baby. When the pots dry, put soil in each pot. Break of a piece of the succulent plants you want to use. You may dip the broken part into rooting medium if you wish. That step is entirely optional and I have never needed to do that. I’m not sure if that has to do with the fact that I’m in zone 10 or not. Stick the cutting into the pot of soil. Arrange the pots to spell out the name. If your guests outnumber the letters in the baby name, even after you have included the middle name, you can always draw cute symbols like hearts or baby bottles or “evil eyes” on each pot.

As for the prizes for the party games, I love to arrange flowers in pitchers. I purchased several cute pitchers. I didn’t have many flowers blooming so I used the few that I had and filled up the rest with herbs like lavender and rosemary. I also filled up one with twigs I thought were pretty. For one of my pitchers I purchased a mini Christmas tree that had glitter sprayed all over it. That was my little splurge and it looked amazing!

Here is what you will need for this easy project:

  1. Herbs of your choice
  2. Decorative pitchers
  3. Water
  4. Twigs
  5. Ribbon (optional)

This is what it ended up looking like:

Aren’t you glad you have a garden?


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